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Swings -

I’ve been back in vegas for about 2 weeks ago, after a long stint in Europe.  I lived out of the mayfair hotel for 40 days and my average day was:

Wake up at noon.
Go to Subway for breakfast.
Play online for 6 hours or play a live MTT.
Work out.
Play online for another 4 hours.
Go drinking till 5am.

Needless, to say i was quite the degenerate.  It reminded me of the ship it holla balla days.

Overall my results were quite good.  I won 430k playing online (of which around 125k went to people I sold action to) and I got 3rd place in the EPT High-Roller for 300k.  Not a bad month at all.  The funny thing is the Internet at the mayfair was awful.l and I probaly lost 20-30k from disconnects, but it didn’t matter since the Internet was so lucky.

After that I went to Budapest for an e-gaming conference to help promote www.victorypoker.com.  At these conferences I am assigned (ok somewhat self-assigned) night-shift’, where it’s my ‘job’ to go drinking with people in the industry.  This results in me seeing very little of the conference and getting some wicked hangovers.

The locals in Budapest sure know how to party.  The last night there we went night-club hopping started at one club at midnight, went to a different one at 4am, then went to after hours at 7am.  I decided to call it a night at 8am to make my 3pm flight home the next day but some of my friends decided they would be the ‘last men standing’ in the club.  Around 2pm this club was apparently still packed – I mean so packed you couldn’t even move so my friend asked the host – “What time do you close?”  He responded, “We close Tuesday”.  It was Saturday afternoon.  Needless to say they were not the last men stadning.

I’m so happy to be back home in a normal routine.  I’ve been training everyday, going hiking, reading and playing poker.  Much more fulfilling than drinking and gambling!

Unfortunately the more balanced lifestyle has not helped my poker game as I’m down 300k online since coming home and another 40k live.  I played in the big mix game in Bobby’s Room for the first time with Doyle, Johnny Chan etc. and ended up losing 20k. For that game the loss was tiny, and I got quite unlucky in some big pots.  Hopefully I run good over the next few months so I can play that game consistently come WSOP time.

I’m going to take a break from poker for the next few days and try to shake off the downswing.  My mom comes to town today so I’m going to go hiking with her/take her to some shows, and maybe even to the club.  Hopefully come monday I’m mentally ready to play poker again.

Be sure to check me out of the pokerstar’s big game this week at: http://thebiggame.pokerstars.net/

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