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My Crazy Job. By: Lindsey Cusey


One of the great things about my job is that there is always something new going on. Yes, I do have a few things I do that are pretty routine but there are always new tasks to complete, events to organize, parties to attend and new people to meet, which I find quite enjoyable. Since I work for Andrew sometimes I accompany him to TV productions, photo shoots, interviews, or sometimes even out of town for tournaments. I help him get ready and organized and even help him pack for going out of town. I try to keep Andrew as organized as possible so we have a filing system and even bins in the closets that are clearly labeled on the outside so he knows exactly what is in each drawer, bin or tote. Just recently he had an idea to get two paper trays for the counter where he could put papers and then I could file them in the correct folders. I obviously went out and got the 2 trays and brought them back but in the back of my mind I knew exactly what would happen, and I was right!! It was no surprise to me to come back a couple days later to find his keys, wallet, workout gloves and a banana in the paper trays. A few days after that it was his keys, wallet, some batteries, a bunch of loose change, and a protein bar in the paper trays. So now I joke with him and ask him what folder he’d like me to file the random pieces of fruit or .37 cents in. Andrew sometimes loses or breaks the things that are either most important or most expensive. I always laugh and say “let’s start losing the inexpensive stuff”. Even though it is his money, I always try to do my best to save him money, cut costs or bargain shop for deals as much as possible. He will leave his $200 electric toothbrush at a hotel but will bring his green .99 cent CVS toothbrush home safe and sound. I think he could own a share of Apple by now after all the iphones and ipods I have replaced, but I guess when you’re busy traveling all around the world playing poker, keeping track of those little things might not be first priority. I got him the new iphone 4 right before he left for London for the WPT… and I have sent 2 iphones to London in the past 2 weeks, but I gotta say only one replacement was for Andrew. Sorry Keith, not trying to sell you out, but I hope you got the new shiny iphone I replaced for you as well. Try to hang on to those things guys!

I always joke around with them and say that I will make a great wife and mother some day because of the experience I have gained from this job. Even after Alec’s car got impounded (as you all know) he called me and was in a panic and I remember him saying “aww Linds, your voice is so calming. I knew you would be able to help and I feel much better now”. When Alec comes in for the WSOP I go over there during the week, pack lunchboxes for them and set them by the door before I leave. I don’t go too far out of the area though, because I know there is about an 87% chance (open to bets on that too) that I will be getting a text soon saying “Linds we forgot our lunches, can you bring them to the Bellagio poker room please?” I kid around a lot because well that’s just my personality and life is too short to be serious all the time, but honestly I truly enjoy taking care of these boys, solving their problems and occasionally saving the day.

Since Andrew is a sponsored pro with Victory Poker, I work a lot of the Victory Poker events and parties. It has been so exciting to see this project come to life and be so successful. I think when something new is started everyone is anxious to see how well it will do and I think the success of Victory has far surpassed all of our expectations, and I am just happy to be a part of it. One of my favorite parts about being part of Victory is that I get to help organize the events, parties or casting calls. The castings are usually for models that will take part in some form of marketing for the site. Usually we hold these at one of the guy’s places and have an incredible chef and good friend named Alessandro will come in and prepare appetizers and a fine meal for us and all of our guests. We eat, we drink, we laugh… but we get a lot of work done too! I will never forget one particular casting call we held at Dan Blizerian’s home, I was busy greeting models and helping with paperwork when I heard one of the guys say “Linds, you’re gonna miss it! Get in here! Blitz is going to shoot Antonio!” My heart immediately began to race and I began thinking of an emergency escape route for poor Antonio. You see Dan has a beautiful home, but he is also like an alpha male, so you would not want to enter in the dark because you could quite possibly trip over an assault rifle on the way in the door. I came around the corner to find everyone gathered in the bedroom, Dan was standing there, gun in hand, and Antonio was standing a few feet away with a bullet proof vest on. I was hoping and praying Dan had good aim. Watch it for yourself on Victorypoker.net and sign up while you’re at it! When it comes to my job there is always something new, fun or interesting going on… I cannot wait to see what’s in store for me next, as long as I don’t ever have to borrow that bullet proof vest… I’m game for whatever!

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